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For more than 41 years, we at JBV Optical Company have supplied our customers in the Government, Medical, Industrial and Environmental sectors with high quality custom lenses, optical assemblies, optical coatings and systems.

JBV is a major supplier of excimer laser components including Beam Dumps, Beam Homogenizers, Custom Optical Design Services, Underwater Optics, cylindrical lenses, polarizing beam splitter cubes, retardation plates, retro-reflectors, achromates, mirrors and prisms. We are actively involved in the R&D of laser applications for medical and industrial uses.

Underwater Camera Systems JBV's many partnership ventures have resulted in developments in many industries that have been revolutionary. Our pioneering design work in Underwater Aspheric Lens Design led to the creation of a new class of lenses previously thought to be impossible. These lenses allow for an equal depth of field above AND below the water's surface. This unique feature even allows for "split-views" that do not induce distortions in any part of the photographed subject, above or below the surface of the water

JBV has partner manufacturing facilities worldwide- in Germany, China, Switzerland, Japan and many other countries. Because of these resources, JBV provides a procurement service for corporations who need the expertise of optical design engineers, but might not need one on their payroll. This can allow for new product development and prototyping with significantly reduced overhead. JBV can procure all required optics, inventory, and ship to your door in time for manufacturing.

JBV follows ISO-9002 protocols and designs custom optical components and assemblies exactingly to the customer's specs. If you work on the cutting edge of technology and require a partner with the technical reputation and expertise to make your design happen, then please browse our site, and contact us by any of the convenient ways we have provided, or by phone or mail as listed above. Our technical experience assures the successful attainment of your optical requirements.

Let JBV Optical Company contribute to your project with free consultation and proven performance. We welcome every opportunity to provide you with our quote on your custom laser and optical needs.



The JBV Optics Catalog:
Our full catalog of custom Lenses, Lens Arrays, Prisms, Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Pinholes & Windows.
Beam Homogenizers
JBV's expertise applied to field-evening lens array systems designed to deliver even power density across the entire beam cross-section, eliminating hot spots.
Beam Dumps
With power ratings up to 50 Watts, JBV's beam dumps function in a wide variety of applications where excess or unused beam energy must be safely disposed of.
Fiber Optic Scopes & Coupler Design
To be used with the new High Quality, High Definition CCD Cameras, interfacing to Fiber Optic imaging systems, these couplers (as well as all JBV products) can be custom designed to your exact specifications.
In Stock Over runs & Surplus
While all of JBV's components are custom runs, we occasionally generate overruns and surplus. These are all first quality, precision components. Check here to see if we have something that fits your requirements.
Press Releases
An archive of JBV's press releases and public announcements.
New Patents
JBV's patents as well as new patents in the optical industry for which JBV makes compatible optics.

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