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JBV's High Quality Optics in Amphibico's OPL-100 Underwater Camera Systems


Amphibico's 1st Generation, state-of-the-art underwater camera systems employ high quality glass aspheric lenses designed by Dr. Paul Remijan, and realized by JBV Optical Products Company's expertise.

The Amphibico Wide Angle OPL-100 Lens

The result of the collaboration of JBV Optical, Amphibico, and MicroOptech is the First Generation of Amphibico's aspherics, the wide angle OPL-100. It delivers distortion-free wide angle images at high resolution. The formation of high quality images in both air and water provides the convenience of dual air and underwater operation. Angular magnification is nearly constant in both air and water allowing for "split images" with minimum shear along the air-water boundary.

Wes Skiles of noted Karst Productions, on the OPL-100's performance features:

    "...the OPL-100... is a product that most of us using the digital housing need very badly... the wide angle image the camera takes is excellent..."


1/3 inch CCD, operating in NTSC or PAL format
min fl: 5.9mm
min f/#: 1.6


Advanced optical fabrication technology, special high index glasses and extensive multi- configuration computer optimization have been used to design and manufacture the OPL-100. The lens produces sharp, distortion free images with vivid colors. Image quality is consistent over the entire field of view for all object distances.