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JBV's High Quality Optics in Amphibico's Marine Capsule, a 90 degree Wide Angle UnderWater System

Yet another entry in Amphibico's line of state-of-the-art underwater camera systems The Marine Capsule employs high quality Wide Angle Wet lenses designed by Dr. Paul Remijan, and realized by JBV Optical Products Company's expertise. Among its useful features are light weight (3 pounds!), neutral bouyancy and an operating depth of over 300 feet. Additionally:

  • Shoots digital stills or video above or below water
  • Built-in viewfinder and sunshade for Optura's 2 inch color monitor
  • User-friendly interchangeable bayonet lens
  • External 2 capsule stereo microphone
  • Available July, 1998
  • Ideal for diving, snorkeling and general camera protection

The Amphibico Marine Capsule is designed to interface to the Canon Optura Camcorder. For more info, contact Amphibico directly by e-mail at amphibico@sympatico.ca, phone at (514) 636-9910, Fax at (514) 636-8704, or regular mail at 9563 Cote De Liesse, Dorval, Quebec, Canada H9p 1A3. Please mention that you saw these products on the JBV Optical web site. Thank you!