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JBV's High Quality Optics in Amphibico's Underwater Camera Systems

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Amphibico's latest, state-of-the-art high definition underwater camera systems employ high quality Aspheric glass lenses designed by Dr. Paul Remijan, and realized by JBV Optical Products Company's expertise. These cameras have been used by great underwater filmmakers such as Wes Skiles and Jean Michel Cousteau! Read about these superior quality lenses on the following pages...

  The OPL-100 features a 100 degree field of view and operating depth of over 300 feet. Read about it and what Wes Skiles of Karst Productions had to say after using this model.

  The AWA-5913 features Full Zoom and a host of advanced features, with operating depth exceeding 300 feet.

  Available end of 1998, these HDTV models offer the highest quality images, and An operating depth exceeding 300 feet.

  The Marine Capsule features a Wide Angle 90 degree field of view, compact size, and operating depths in excess of 300 feet


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